Monday, May 14, 2012

mask of zorro

1 1/2 oz Spanish Brandy (Pedro Domecq Fundador Solera Reserva)
3/4 oz Dry Sherry (Lustau Dry Oloroso)
1/2 oz Coffee Liqueur (Galliano Ristretto)
1/4 oz Cinnamon Syrup (BG Reynolds)
1 dash Angostura Bitters
1 Egg White

Shake once without ice and once with. Strain into a cocktail coupe and garnish with a letter 'Z' made with drops of Angostura Bitters.
Two weeks ago, the theme for Mixoloseum's Thursday Drink Night was "action movies," and I was inspired to do a Spanish-themed one in honor of the Mask of Zorro. I did not originally picture the drink as an egg white one; however, I became obsessed with leaving the mark of Zorro as a garnish, and egg white froth made the perfect canvas. Once mixed, the Angostura garnish's allspice notes filled the aroma. The sip was a rich, creamy grape, and the sherry continued on into the swallow as a nutty note along with coffee, cinnamon, and spice flavors. Initially, the Mask of Zorro started out more coffee-driven but became more cinnamon forward over time.

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