Friday, May 18, 2012

the charlatan

2 oz Punt e Mes
3/4 oz Campari
1/2 oz Cherry Heering
2 dash Regan's Orange Bitters

Stir the ingredients without ice in a mixing glass. Flame 3 orange twists to coat the inside of an Old Fashioned glass with orange oils. Pour in the drink, and garnish with a single unflamed orange twist. This is a room temperature cocktail.

After Trina's, I was in the mood for a digestif-style nightcap while Andrea was wanting something light. As a compromise I suggested Maksym Pazuniak's the Charlatan that appeared in Gary Regan's Annual Manual for Bartenders 2012. Unlike the 2011 edition, there was no large collection of recipes (that will be in a separate book coming out in July); however, there were a few recipes scattered throughout including this one in a section on room temperature cocktails. Maks and others shared their thoughts on unchilled cocktails in a good article in StarChefs last year.
The Charlatan first presented orange oil aromas that later morphed into grape notes from the Punt e Mes. The sip showcased the fruit flavors from the Punt e Mes and Cherry Heering, and the swallow offered up the Punt e Mes' and Campari's bitter notes with hints of orange on the finish. I was intrigued at how the Cherry Heering brought out the fruit notes of the Punt e Mes and how Campari complemented its bitter ones. In the end, the Charlatan served as a good but light digestif.

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Paul said...

What a wonderful cocktail it is. The intense flavors come together so perfectly well in this drink and I honestly don't think that would be achieved if it had been served over ice. A tremendously tasty sipper, which I will be enjoying many more times. I have noticed that you have posted several cocktails which are suggested to be served at room temperature, and I think this is wise. Moreover it's light, so I even enjoyed one on Sunday evening. : )