Thursday, May 31, 2012

agave maria

1 1/2 oz Del Maguey Mezcal Vida
1 1/2 oz Pineapple Juice
3/4 oz Lime Juice
1 barspoon (1/8 oz) Fernet Branca
3 dash Peychaud's Bitters
1 dash Agave Nectar

Shake with ice and pour unstrained into a rocks glass. Garnish with an orange twist.
Our adventures that Sunday took us later to the Independent in Union Square, Somerville, where MIT-WMBR DJ John Funke was spinning a mix of lost and found oldies and oddities. For a drink, I ordered the Agave Maria. On the nose, the pineapple aroma was joined by the garnish's orange oil. Next, the lime sip led into a swallow that began with mezcal, followed by pineapple and Fernet Branca, and ending with a lingering smoke note. Indeed, the Peychaud's Bitters and light touch of Fernet Branca added a bit of intrigue and character to the drink.

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