Tuesday, May 29, 2012

root down

1 1/2 oz Salers Gentian Liqueur
1 oz Bols Barrel Aged Genever
1/2 oz Sour Orange Cordial (*)
1 barspoon Grand Classico (1/8 oz)

Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail coupe glass. Garnish with an orange twist.
(*) Originally this was made with bitter Seville oranges, and after the Seville season ran out, it is made with 2 parts regular orange to 1 part lemon. Regardless of the citrus identity, 1 cup of sugar was used to create an oleo saccharum with the peels for 1-2 hours. Next, 1 cup of citrus juice was added; the mix was stirred to dissolve the sugar and then strained.

After Brick and Mortar, we made a stop at Moody's Falafel for sustenance, and this completely reinvigorated Camper. Therefore, we headed to our final destination of Craigie on Main. For a drink, I asked bartender Zachary Evans for the Root Down. What appealed to me about the drink was that it called for Salers Gentian Liqueur; like Suze, Salers is a French liqueur made with wild yellow gentian, but unlike Suze, it is apparently available in our market although I have not spotted on any shelves yet.
The Root Down offered up an orange oil aroma that was joined by other citrus notes in the mix. A sharp orange and malty sip led into a gentian swallow that was punctuated by light Grand Classico herbal notes. Overall, the Root Down did share a resemblance with the White Negroni but with more malt and citrus notes.


Dagreb said...

"We're talking root, I put my boot down. And if you want to battle me, you're putting loot down."

Tripdforlife said...

A Root Down from Iowa is a shot of Jagermeister dropped into half a glass of rootbeer; delicious.

frederic said...

I had a drink with Jager and rootbeer at the Shaking it Up event here in Boston in October, and it was surprisingly a rather complementary pairing.

Not sure what the Jager rep called it, but it wasn't that (there were a few other ingredients too).