Sunday, February 10, 2013

:: women of the wild west night::

calamity janeTomorrow night, Monday February 11th, will be my bartending debut! I will be accompanied by the Hawthorne's Katie Emmerson at the Blue Room's Whiskey and Amari Night Series. For our night, we are doing a Women of the Wild West theme -- a drink-guided history of some pretty bad-assed broads. Nine women, nine drinks, including a 19th century style Scaffa (room temperature cocktail) named after an infamous professional gambler and madame in honor of Matt Schrage's birthday! Bully Boy Aged Whiskey and Fernet Branca will be in the house and "For a Few Dollars More" will be playing in the background. Drinks and bar snacks for purchase.

The Blue Room
1 Kendall Square, Cambridge
Monday, February 11th, from 9pm-1am

I'll be posting some drinks soon from last week's event featuring No. 9 Park's Tyler Wang and Scholars' John Henderson. And the next two weeks are listed on the flier below (click to enlarge):

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