Saturday, October 8, 2016

champs-de-mars daiquiri

2 oz Barbancourt 5 Star Rum
1 tsp Maraschino (3/8 oz Maraska)
1 tsp Grenadine (3/8 oz)
Juice 1/2 Lime (3/4 oz)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
For a nightcap two Tuesdays ago, I reached for Trader Vic's 1974 Rum Cookery & Drinkery and spotted the Champs-de-Mars Daiquiri. The Daiquiri's call for Haitian rum made sense when I realized that it was named after Port-au-Prince's area that contains the Haiti's presidential palace as well as a major park (as opposed to the namesake park in Paris near the Eiffel Tower). Once mixed, this Daiquiri offered an aged rum aroma that led into lime, caramel, and a hint of fruit from either the pomegranate syrup or the Maraschino on the sip. Finally, the rum finished with rum and Maraschino's nutty notes on the swallow.

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