Monday, October 3, 2016

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MxMo CXII: Mashups

A few weeks ago, I was talking with Backbar bartender Sam Cronin about the wonders of mashup cocktails where you fuse two cocktails often (but not always) with overlapping ingredients. Since Backbar has a drink of the day as well as a drink of the week, the bartenders there have to generate a lot of new ideas, and combining two (neo)classics into one is often a successful way to breed new drinks. As Sam told me about the Lonely Dark where he fused the Widow's Kiss and the Kiss in the Dark, he explained that he was inspired by Eric Witz's mashup of a Widow's Kiss and a Last Word as the Widow's Word that he had seen on this blog. Since we started doing the drink of the day idea at Loyal Nine, I have fused a Boulevardier and a Slope to create the Intercept, a Mint Julep and a Pimm's Cup in the Derby Cup, and other similar mergers with great success. And this got me thinking that the technique would make a great Mixology Monday exercise.

For this theme, choose two or perhaps more drinks and combine them into one. It often helps if they have some overlap in ingredients or name, and it is not only fair but common to only combine some of the ingredients in the drinks and leave out others. As for a name, perhaps come up with something that pays tribute to the parents of this offspring? Not feeling too creative? Feel free to find mashups created by others and write about the drink and what recipes inspired its creation.

• Find or concoct a recipe that is the result of combining two (or more) recipes (or parts of said recipes) together.
• Make the drink and then post the recipe, a photo, and your thoughts about the libation on your blog, tumblr, or website or on the eGullet Spirits and Cocktails forum.
• Include in your post the MxMo logo and a link back to both the Mixology Monday and Cocktail Virgin sites. And once the round-up is posted, a link to that summary post would be appreciated.
• Provide a link to your submission in the comment section here, tweet at @cocktailvirgin, or send an email to with the word "MxMo" somewhere in the subject line.

The due date is Monday night at midnight, October 17th.



Unknown said...

Great theme. Here's ours: Thanks for hosting

Dagreb said...

Here's my entry: I will accetp alternative titles for the drink. Though, we all know what happens with working titles dont we?

SMarkow said...

Hi Frederic. Here's my entry:

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Here's my entry:

Adam (aka Mr. Muddle) said...

Getting mine in under the wire

Unknown said...

Here's my entry:
Excited to see everyone else's entries!

Craig Eliason said...

Thanks for hosting. Here's mine: