Thursday, October 20, 2016

:: mxmo mashups wrap up ::

For Mixology Monday 112, I decided to honor a technique for drink creating that has served me well in everything from drink of the day generation to cocktail competitions -- namely merging two (neo)classic recipes into one in what I dub a "mashup." One of the bars in town called Backbar has helped to instill this appreciation through their drinks of the day as well as their generous love of discussing cocktails and their construction in general. So as a way of paying it forward, I wanted to provide others with this lesson by way of a Mixology Monday. Please read the announcement post for more information, but without further ado, here are the submissions!
• Gary Elliot of Doc Elliot's Mixology took the Blood and Sand and merged it with another equal parter, the Corpse Reviver #2, to make the Corpse in the Sand.
• The Simple Headphone Mind was Dagreb of Nihil Utopia's merging of a Japanese with a Blue Grass Mai Tai. I believe this is the first fully brandy driven Mai Tai I have ever seen!
• What happens when you merge a Clover Club with a Tom Collins? Stacy Markow discovers the yumminess in the Clover Collins!
• Katie of the Garnish Blog focused on Scotch and took the classic Rusty Nail and found its hammer with the neoclassic Penicillin. She nerded out about microbiology (and whisky) and dubbed this one the Dram Positive.
• Adam of Mr. Muddle took his Boston hometown to heart and took the classic Ward Eight and meshed it with Misty Kalkofen's neoclassic the Maximillian Affair for the Maxi's Ward.
• Rachel of the Stirred Blog keeps the Boston loving alive by being inspired by a classic drink she had at local bar and conjuring the Colleen's Kiss by mashing up a Colleen Bawn and a Widow's Kiss.
• Craig Eliason via eGullet was also inspired by the Rusty Nail and took the Scotch focus further with the Rob Roy to make the Roysty Nail monster.
• I, Frederic of the Cocktail Virgin blog, was actually the first submitter but I am putting myself last. I actually had this drink ready when I wrote the announcement post. For one of my drinks of the day, I took the Boston version of the Jack Rose (lemon not lime with the addition of Peychaud's Bitters) and smooshed it with the Frisco Sour for the Frisco Rose (instead of the Jack Frisco/Frisco Jack).

Thank you all for granting me permission to guide you in this drink making exercise and playing along so well and so graciously! Keep those mixing spoons and shaker tins moving as we see what November may bring...

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