Monday, July 8, 2019

chien chaud

2 oz Coconut Water
1 1/2 oz JM Rhum Agricol Blanc (Rhum Clement)
1/4 oz Yellow Chartreuse
2 dash Angostura Bitters

Shake with ice, strain into a Fizz glass, and garnish with a lime wheel.
In continuing my search for coconut water recipes, I delved into the PDT Cocktail Book and turned up two cocktails. The one that called out to me was the Chien Chaud that the book's author Jim Meehan created with David Wondrich in 2008. Jim wrote, "After driving past a hotdog stand in Martinique, David Wondrich and I came up with this drink whose name means hotdog in French." With a slight 'Ti Punch feel to it, I was game to give it a go. Once prepared, the Chien Chaud donated a lime, grassy, and cinnamon bouquet to the nose. Next, a mellow sip with coconut water notes led into grassy and herbal flavors on the swallow with an allspice and coconut water finish.

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