Tuesday, November 27, 2007


2parts Bluecoat gin
1part sweet vermouth
1dash Angostura bitters
1dash Regan's #6 orange bitters

stir well and strain into a rocks glass, lemon twist. recipe: Kit @ES

Doing our part to strengthen the cause, we met a friend at the bar at Eastern Standard for dinner Monday night -- after spending a huge portion of Thanksgiving talking about cocktails, I wanted to make sure he had the chance to be served by a real craft bartender. Kit is awesome and we had a great several-hours at the bar. In fact, I was able to muster some tolerance and got to have several drinks, each of which I'll detail in its own post.

The Hearst is what Kit made up for me approximately thirty seconds after we met for the first time. He said he'd gotten the recipe from no 9 Park. It was totally up my alley. Score one for the psychic bartenders of Boston.

A slight variation can be found here.


frederic said...

Which one is Kit? Kevin made me one a month or two ago. Rather tasty although I prefer the Martinez (very similar recipe) over the Hearst.

Unknown said...

He's a young guy, dark hair, not too tall? I'm terrible at describing people... He was nice? :)