Wednesday, October 29, 2008

new york flip

1 1/2 oz Rittenhouse 100
1/2 oz Tawny port
3/4 oz Simple syrup
3/4 oz Heavy cream
one whole egg

Shake the hell out of it with lots of ice, strain into a wineglass, and grate some nutmeg over the top.

Photo added by Frederic 5/3/12, Green Street
I could swear I've had one of these before*, but I must not have written it up... Towards the tail end of a odd day in which I was preternaturally perky, we stopped in at Eastern Standard for dinner before going to Ceremony -- obviously, I needed some alcohol to tone my mood down to an appropriately goth-introspective-dour level. Hugh's psychic link to me was especially strong, and extended to all of my food choices as well (there is an amazing bread pudding on the menu now... if you love butterscotch and caramel half as much as I do, you'll love it). This flip was a perfect finisher for me that night: not as much of a confection as flips are often wont to be, and the bit of tawny port was enough to warm it up without making it too smoky. Hugh made a small deviation from the recipe as posted: no nutmeg, and a mix of rock candy syrup and simple syrup (which was perfect, as I don't think the nutmeg was necessary with what I was eating). And: a perfect pairing with that bread pudding!

A final shot of Fernet, and I was ready for a night that ended with a song I have not heard played in a club for a good decade: Beers, Steers, and Queers (direct link to sound file at Rhapsody, may not be safe for work); I guess my drinks put me in more of a stompy mood than anything, and that's hardly a bad thing. :D

*And indeed, I had! I have Kit @ES to thank for that at some point in my blurry past.

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