Friday, October 10, 2008

[nightcap a la daniel eun]

1 oz Averna
1 oz Campari
1/2 oz Punt e Mes
1/2 oz Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth
Flamed Orange Peel

Stirred with ice, flavored with the flamed orange peel, and strained into cordial shot glasses.

Hugh Fiore ended our evening at Eastern Standard by pouring Tim, Andrea, and I a round of a nightcap sipper that Daniel Eun of Please Don't Tell taught him how to make. The original recipe would require two parts of a Chinato, a quinine-containing aromatic full-bodied red wine. Since Chinato is hard to come by in Massachusetts (although Jackson did say earlier in the night that they might have it at the bar soon!), a substitution of half sweet vermouth and half Punt e Mes was used.

The only other nightcap that has come close to this drink was Eastern Standard's Kevin Martin pouring us a round of Little Italy (2 oz rye, 1/2 oz Cynar, 3/4 oz sweet vermouth) a little over a year ago.

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