Tuesday, October 7, 2008

:: tanzanian gin ::

Our friends Cris and Nicole climbed Kilimanjaro a couple of weeks ago. We received their postcard in the mail yesterday. Cris wrote:

"So, apparently Tanzania distills its own gin. The spirit, Konyagi, tastes a bit harsh, which I suppose cuts through the cold nights on Kilimanjaro. The porters were fond of it, and while I wasn't up to sampling any while on the climb, the lodge that we're staying in while on safari keeps it behind the bar and are happy to serve the stuff to mzunga foreigners like myself.

... I also just taught the bartender here how to make a Manhattan and a Rob Roy. You all should be proud.

Fred and I are proud, indeed. Spread the cocktail love!! In added testament to how bad-ass Cris and Nicole are, they arrived at our Johnny Appleseed Punch Party a mere 4 hours after landing back in the states! They brought the bottle to show off.

I don't know if anyone was brave enough to try any. Here are more stories of Cris' amazing travels. And here is his superb write-up about teaching his bartender in Tarangire Park how to make a Manhattan.

post script: I tried the Konyagi a few weeks later during Cris' and Nicole's annual Canadian Thanksgiving feast. The gin is definitely on the sweeter side, and like Cris said it has a mellow, yet warming, bite. Nicole has developed quite a liking for it, and she learned that when she runs out she can still get it in DC if she chooses to make a little field trip.

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