Friday, July 8, 2016

kava bowl

4 oz Lemon Juice (2 oz)
2 oz Pineapple Juice (1 oz)
1 oz Grenadine (1/2 oz)
1 oz Orgeat (1/2 oz)
1 oz Rhum Barbancourt (1/2 oz Vale d'Paul Agricole-style Rum)
6 oz Light Puerto Rican Rum (3 oz Caliche)

Blend 30 seconds with 18 oz crushed ice and pour into a Tiki bowl (shake with ice and strain into a Tiki mug). Fill with crushed ice and garnish with a gardenia (ornamental pea blossoms, mint, and a long lemon twist).
After my work shift two Friday's ago, I was still in a Tiki-ish mood and began searching Beachbum Berry's Remixed. There, I stopped on Trader Vic's Kava Bowl that he created sometime during the 1940s. In the mug, the Kava Bowl released mint and floral aromas. On the palate, lemon, pomegranate, and pineapple's tropical notes danced on the tongue during the sip. Finally, the swallow brought funky rum, earthy orgeat, and tart pineapple flavors.

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