Tuesday, December 13, 2016

black rock chiller

1 oz Reposado Tequila (Lunazul)
1 oz Branca Menta
1 oz Suze (Salers)

Build in a rocks glass (punch cup). Stir without ice and serve as a room temperature cocktail.

Two Tuesdays ago, I sought out cocktail recipe inspiration in Paul Clarke's The Cocktail Chronicles and decided to try out a quirky looking non-cocktail called the Black Rock Chiller. The drink was a Scaffa crafted by Sother Teague of Manhattan's Amor y Amargo, and it does not classify as a cocktail for it leaves out the final part of the "spirits, sugar, bitters, and water" definition. I actually did have an opportunity to have this made for me by Sother himself when he did a pop-up at Silvertone for Boston Thirst in 2014, but I opted for his Pumpernickel instead.
The Black Rock Chiller began its intrigue with a mint, menthol, and cigarette tobacco aroma. Next, a rich caramel sip proceeded into agave vegetal notes blending into gentian liqueur and Fernet's herbal flavors on the swallow with a minty-herbal finish. Overall, the drink was not very bitter due to the sugar content; moreover, despite the recipe, it was not freakish at all and rather an enjoyable sipper.

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