Monday, April 18, 2022

brooklyn heights

1 1/2 oz Rittenhouse Rye
1/2 oz Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
1/2 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
1/4 oz Amaro Abano
2 dash Orange Bitters (Angostura Orange)

Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail coupe pre-rinsed with Campari.
In my search for additional recipes that call for Amaro Abano, I uncovered a recipe in Robert Simonson's old Off the Presses blog called the Brooklyn Heights. In his post on Manhattan recipes around town, he featured Maxwell Britten's riff on the Brooklyn that Maxwell crafted at the Jack the Horse Tavern circa 2008. Essentially, this riff swaps the classic's Amer Picon for Amaro Abano plus orange bitters and a rinse of Campari. In the glass, the Brooklyn Heights handed off a caramel, orange, and herbal bouquet to the nose. Next, caramel and a hint of cherry on the sip transitioned to rye, nutty cherry, cinnamon, and tangerine flavors on the swallow.

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