Tuesday, June 28, 2022

queer as yolk

1 1/2 oz Aperol
1/2 oz Wray & Nephew Rum
1/2 oz Passion Fruit Syrup (*)
1/2 oz Cinnamon Syrup
1 Whole Egg

Shake once without ice and once with ice, strain into a cocktail coupe, and garnish with drops of Angostura and Peychaud's Bitters.
(*) Equal parts passion fruit purée and 1:1 simple syrup.

Two Tuesdays ago, I headed to Backbar when I heard that they were extending their Pride Week menu a few more days. One of my guests at Drink loved the Queer as Yolk off of that menu so much that they asked me to replicate it. I replied that it had caught my eye on Backbar's Instagram, and I did my best with Smith & Cross as the rum. When I visited Backbar a few days later, I requested this drink subtitled "passionate flavors let loose in this well-balanced Flip" from bartender Peyton Ligon. Peyton described how he created this while previously working at Hojoko with the concept of "what if Don's Mix [grapefruit juice and cinnamon syrup] were the whole drink?" and brought the recipe with him to Backbar.
The Queer as Yolk greeted the nose with allspice and cinnamon aromas. Next, a creamy orange sip flowed into orange, passion fruit, cinnamon, and rum funk flavors. Overall, it was much more orange and tropical than Don's Mix's grapefruit, but the cinnamon element definitely kept it grounded to its inspirational roots.

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