Wednesday, November 28, 2007


1 part Bourbon
1 part apricot liqueur
1/4oz? Gammeldansk bitters

Ben came by while we were still waiting for seats at the bar with this drink for us to try -- apparently it will be on the menu this week. Very interesting drink, as the Bourbon intensity is tamed, making it a bit too easy for me to drink. I don't know what it is about Bourbon that kicks me so hard, I can only assume it's something to do with the higher sugar content of corn versus rye grains? A fine, fine drink.


frederic said...

I had one of these at No.9 Park last night after asking John what he used the Apre (the Haus Aupenz distributed apricot). He made it 2 oz bourbon, 2 oz apricot and 1/4 oz Gameldansk. For my tastes, it probably could have had 1 oz of apricot brandy and 1/2 oz Gameldansk.

frederic said...

2 oz 2 oz 3/4 oz (Gameldansk being the 3/4) was the official ratio as of last night.

Tranberg said...

Just a small info about Gammel Dansk bitter, as a dane, we normaly drink this to lunch, about 1 oz pure. Its really good to fish, eggs, salt-fish and heavy meals. To be served cold.

Many bars also serve a shot of Gammel Dansk with a cold beer. Take the shot, and experience how this effect the following beer taste.