Sunday, August 8, 2021

the ernesto

2 oz Blanco Tequila (Cimarron)
1 oz Lime Juice
1 oz Honey Syrup
1/2 oz Apricot Liqueur (Rothman & Winter)
1 dash Herbstura (1 light dash each Angostura Bitters and Herbsaint)

Shake with cracked ice, pour into a double old fashioned glass with 2 oz Ting grapefruit soda, and garnish with a lime wheel (omit) and an edible orchid (nasturtium).
Two Sundays ago, my nasturtium border on my vegetable garden was beginning to impress me with its blooms, so I searched for a Tiki drink to make. In The Smuggler's Cove book, I came across the Ernesto created by Martin Cate that was doable since we had Ting soda in the house to make Palomas. The text was very short on backstory, and all I was able to determine that it was created in or before 2010 when it was published in a magazine article on tequila recipes. Once assembled, the Ernesto shared a peppery, floral, and tequila aroma. Next, lime, grapefruit, and honey on the sip fell aside to tequila and apricot on the swallow with a grapefruit and anise finish.

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