Monday, December 27, 2021

egg nog (adapted from morgenthaler)

2 oz Bourbon (Old Forester 100°)
2 oz Rum (Smith & Cross)
6 oz Whole Milk (Oat Milk)
4 oz Heavy Cream
3 oz Sugar (2 oz)
2 Large Eggs

Blend eggs, add sugar, and blend further. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until combined. Chill and serve in wine glasses or coupes (punch cups) with freshly grated nutmeg as a garnish.
Two weekends ago while I was bartending, Andrea was in the mood for Egg Nog and made a batch of Jeffrey Morgenthaler's Clyde Common's Egg Nog. She found a spirits combination in the comments section that spoke to her more than the original's añejo tequila and Amontillado sherry (2 oz and 2 1/2 oz, repectively), and she also dropped the sweetness level down a touch. Unfortunately, it was way too late to treat myself to a glass when I got home from work on Saturday night, so I dove on in on Monday. After garnishing, this version of Egg Nog welcomed the nose with a nutmeg and rum aroma. Next, a creamy and caramel sip transversed into Bourbon and rum flavors on the swallow with a rum funk finish.

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