Tuesday, July 2, 2013

death in a doublewide

1 1/2 oz Balcones Brimstone Corn Whiskey
3/4 oz Smith & Cross Rum
1/4 oz St. George Absinthe
1 1/2 oz Boiling Water

Build in a Blue Blazer mug that was pre-warmed by boiling water. Ignite on fire and carefully pass back and forth with another pre-warmed Blue Blazer mug. Pour into a heat-resistant punch cup and flame two lemon twists over the top. Extinguish the flame by covering the punch cup.

So the companion piece to Love in an Elevator by Matt Whitney was the Death in a Double Wide by John Mayer himself. I had no clue that he had started on my drink when he brought out two Blue Blazer mugs and set up about 12 feet away. I mentioned to Andrea that someone was silly enough to order a Blue Blazer on such a hot, almost summer evening. John put on quite the show for that section of the bar, and then he walked over to where we were sitting to pour out the flaming drink, ignite a pair of lemon oil puffs, and smother the flame. Around that moment I realized that I was the silly fool who was getting a hot drink on a warm evening... John described how the drink was inspired by the Diamondback, and bartender Matt Whitney recommended adding the Smith & Cross Rum to the mix. John knew that the smokey whiskey, rum, and absinthe worked well in pairs, but he could not get this trio to work when chilled. In stepped the Hawthorne's Carrie Cole who suggested to John that it might come together better as a hot drink instead, and the Death in a Doublewide finally took shape.
john mayer death in a double wide blue blazer
Once the flame was extinguished, the libation offered a hot and steamy lemon and anise aroma. The corn whiskey seemed to stay more on the sip, while the alcohol heat, rum, and absinthe notes filled the swallow. A flaming death, save for a BBQ, never tasted as delicious.

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