Tuesday, July 30, 2013

:: mixology monday flip flop wrap up ::

This year, I avoided the dreaded July Mixology Monday curse of getting bogged down with Tales of the Cocktail mayhem and got this event scheduled with enough time afterwards to allow for everyone to recover and still participate. This month's Mixology Monday is the 75th iteration of this online shindig and I chose the theme of Flip Flop!. A good number of participants made the time to play along; they took classics and neo-classics and altered a few of the ingredients to make a new libation while still leaving the recipe recognizable as a riff on the original. In order of their appearance in my comment section or email box:
• The Booze Nerds took the tiki classic, the Fog Cutter, and changed around the two base spirits and one of the citrus to craft the Sunbreak.
• The Sheik is Tempered Spirits' alteration of the Blood & Sand, a drink that I've enjoyed riffing off of in the past.
• Putney Farms takes the Manhattan and makes a rum-amaro variation called the Carlos Danger.
• I, Frederic of Cocktail Virgin, sauntered into the party batting fourth with a twist on the New Orleans' lesser known classic, the Cocktail à la Louisiane, that I dubbed Cocktail à La Salle.
• An Anise Hyssop Julep? That's the twist that Grow.Eat.Mix.Drink threw our way. They unnecessarily panicked that they only swapped a single ingredient, so they redid the drink with a change of base spirit as well.
• The Shorter Straw riffed on the tequila-grapefruit soda refresher to concoct the Huevo de Paloma. Check out the great drink vessel!
• Andrea of Gin Hound also ran with the Paloma and turned the dove into a goose with the El Ganso.
• Starting with the Blue Train Special from Stan Jones' Complete Barguide, A Drink With Forrest was inspired to craft the Especial Azul Tren
The Chancellor was Rowen of the Fogged in Lounge's contribution and one that riffed off of a previous contribution from MxMo Inverted.
• JFL of Rated R Cocktails continued on with his series on the Planters Punch with his variation, the Onirico Planter's.
• A Mexican take on the Singapore Sling? The Jalisco Sling is A Bar Above's contribution and he alters a few of the other ingredients to match the spirit change here. Video and all!
• Bartending Notes flipflops on Simon Difford's Cox's Daiquiri to generate the Burning Love that he makes at his behind the stick at the Elvis King Pub.
• Elana of Stir & Strain presents the Pelée Sunset, a riff on the Manhattan with rhum agricole and Pimm's.
• I knew that the Vieux Carré riff was inevitable and I am glad it happened! The Straight Up offers the Summer in the Old Square.
• Death to Sour Mix shares the Cosmopolis and schools us on what makes a good Cosmopolitan, riff or not.
• Inspired by Chris Hannah's love of Strega, Muse of Doom tinkers with one of his cocktails to produce the Penannular Brooch.
• Rafa was swayed by Colin Shearn's amazing contribution to Beta Cocktails and flipped it around into the Colossal Youth -- a cool Young Marble Giants reference.
• The Bolaños is Spirited Remix's spirited remix of the Bombay (not Mombai).
• Vidiot snuck in with a late submission. His photo won't be ready until later tonight (skipping it for now works well with my 3 across theme). He takes a gin slant at the Mai Tai with the George Takei tribute, the Oh Mai!
• Oh a straggler cerca 11pm! I'm a beer and a pair of cocktails in, so I'm not going to try to post Dagreb (of Nihil Utopia)'s drink photo, but his Onion Front is a Pickle Back turned topsy-turvey. Skol!
• Not quite a straggler, but a few hours after Dagreb's entry was added, the FrogPrincess realized that she never alerted me of her otherwise on-time entry. Never fear, for here is the Corpse Reviver #2 riff, You Only Live Twice.

Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out of this round up (pardon my quick and dirty approach, but time is short given my work schedule and all) and perhaps I will be tacking on some straggling cats that I missed in the first cat herding round up. Thank you all for participating this month and I raise a glass to all of you, readers and writers alike. Cheers!


Rowen said...

Really diggin’ the 3 across solution. And again, thanks so much for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Drat! My gal took all the ice. Tomorrow it is, then.

but thankya for the hosting!

Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting!

Dagreb said...

Skål indeed! Thanks for hosting!

CT said...

Thanks again Frederick for hosting.