Thursday, February 2, 2017

wooden ships

1 oz + 1 bsp Neisson Rhum Agricole Reserve Special (~1.7 oz Depaz)
1 scant oz Cynar (~1.4 oz)
1 scant bsp Maple Syrup (~1.4 bsp)
2 dash Bittermens Mole Bitters (3 dash)

Stir with ice and strain into an Old Fashioned glass with fresh ice.
The day that I got home from Kentucky, my copy of David Alan's Tipsy Texan arrived. Two drink recipes quickly caught my attention, but I could not make one since I lacked a grapefruit to juice, so I opted for the Wooden Ships by Jason Stevens of Austin. The combination of rum and Cynar reminded me of Scott Holliday's Rum Scaffa, and here, there were added rich notes from chocolate bitters and maple. In the glass, the Wooden Ships proffered a grassy aroma from the rhum agricole with a hint of herbal and caramel notes from the Cynar. The caramel continued on into the sip, and the swallow gave forth grassy, minty, and funky flavors with a maple and chocolate finish.

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