Tuesday, February 21, 2017


1 1/2 oz Angostura White Oak Rum
1 oz Lustau Amontillado Sherry
1/2 oz Luxardo Apricot Liqueur
1/2 oz Giffard Orgeat
1/2 oz Lime Juice
1 bsp St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram

Shake with ice, strain into a rocks glass, fill with ice, garnish with 2 dashes Angostura Bitters and a mint sprig, and add straws.

Two Tuesdays ago, Andrea and I made our way to Estragon to have dinner at Sahil Mehta's bar. While perusing his drink recipe book, I spotted a curiously named tropical number called the Lohengrin. Sahil explained that the Winter weather got him in an escapist mood, and his searching on Wikipedia generated the drink name. That clue was, "King Ludwig II of Bavaria was an escapist who used to 'escape' into the world of Wagnerian mythology. A caricature portrays him as Lohengrin."
The Lohengrin presented a mint, clove, and allspice aroma to the nose. Next, grape, lime, and orchard fruit on the sip transitioned into rum, nutty, and apricot flavors on the swallow with an allspice finish. Indeed, the apricot and orgeat flavors combined elegantly on the swallow as they had in the 1937 Yellow Mist and the modern Tiki Beachbum offerings.

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