Friday, June 16, 2017

kona gold

1 oz Lemon Hart Golden Jamaican Rum (2 oz Denizen Merchant's Reserve)
Juice 1 Lime (1/2 oz)
1 tsp Sugar (1/4 oz Simple Syrup)
1 dash Maraschino (1/4 oz Luxardo)

Blend with 1 scoop of shaved ice and strain into a cocktail glass (shake with ice and strain). Float 2 dash Herbsaint (1/8 oz).
Two Fridays ago, I reached for Trader Vic's 1972 Bartender's Guide Revised and decided upon one of his originals, the Kona Gold, that came across like an Improved Daiquiri given the Maraschino and Herbsaint. Once prepared, the Kona Gold gave forth an anise and light nutty cherry aroma. Next, caramel and lime on the sip transitioned into rum and nutty flavors on the swallow with rum funk and anise on the finish.

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