Saturday, February 10, 2018

black francis

1 3/4 oz Smoky Scotch (1 1/2 oz Famous Grouse + 1/4 oz Laphroaig 10 Year)
3/4 oz Punt e Mes
1/2 oz Pedro Ximenez Sherry (Oxford 1970)

Stir with ice, strain into a cocktail coupe, and garnish with a cherry and lemon oil from a twist.

After getting home from work two Saturdays ago, I was in the mood for somethings straight spirits to wrap up the evening, so I turned to the Black Francis that I had previously spotted on the BarNotes app. This drink was a The Pixies reference crafted by Manhattan bartender Rafa Garcia Febles in 2013, and the combination of Scotch, vermouth, and fortified wine reminded me of the Chancellor and other drinks. That connection made me override Rafa's tempting suggestion that this recipe also is rather tasty as a mezcal drink.
In the glass, the Black Francis shared a bright lemon oil nose over smoke and deep dark grape elements. Next, a raisin-y grape sip gave way to smoky Scotch and raisin melding into bitter complexity on the swallow.

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