Saturday, July 11, 2015

volcano bowl

3 oz Demerara Rum (1 1/2 oz El Dorado 3 Year)
2 oz Gold Jamaican Rum (1 oz Coruba)
1 oz Gold Puerto Rican Rum (1/2 oz DonQ Gold)
6 oz Grapefruit Juice (3 oz Ruby)
2 oz Lime Juice (1 oz)
3/4 oz Maple Syrup (3/8 oz)
1/2 oz Simple Syrup (1/4 oz)

Shake with ice and strain into a bowl filled with crushed ice. Originally served in a volcano bowl with a reservoir filled with 151 proof rum that was ignited; here, that reservoir was a spent half lime shell filled with El Dorado 151 Rum.

After Yacht Rock Sunday, I kept on the Tiki kick for my post-shift drink once I got home. Andrea was easily awaken with the call of "Tiki-tiki!" to join me in this sizable recipe (although less sizable when cut in half), namely the Volcano Bowl. In Beachbum Berry's Remixed, he traced the lineage back to Don the Beachcomber's St. Paul establishment circa 1970. I could not recall that many classic Tiki drinks that contained maple syrup, but I have had more modern tropical-style drinks like the Red Maple Swizzle and the Cleirmeil that contained it. Perhaps the 19th century Hannibal Hamlin (not the honey version, that is) might classify if served a little differently.
Once extinguished, the Volcano Bowl displayed mint and citrus aromas. The citrus continued on into the sip with grapefruit and lime flavors, and the swallow was a rich pairing of the caramel-tinged rums and maple syrup. Some spice element added here would do no harm.

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