Friday, July 31, 2015

sing for your supper

1 1/2 oz Beefeater Gin
1/2 oz Aperol
3/4 oz Vanilla Passion Fruit Syrup (*)
3/4 oz Lemon Juice
1 dash Peychaud's Bitters

Shake with ice and strain into a Collins glass filled with ice. Garnish with a floated lemon wheel, and add a straw.
(*) I have used equal parts of passion fruit syrup and vanilla syrup to mimic this all-in-one syrup (perhaps use 1/2 oz each here). Or go all passion fruit syrup with a few drops of vanilla extract.
After a short rest and a rejuvenating shower, I was able to muster another 8 hours of energy out of myself to attend the Bartender's Breakfast (and later a nightcap beer at the 24-hour craft beer bar, the Avenue Pub). Once at the event, I scanned the newspaper-themed handout for the booths and drinks. The one that seemed most promising indeed turned out to be the best libation of the Breakfast, namely the Sing for Your Supper by Pouring Ribbons. I was perhaps drawn in for I had positive memories of the vanilla passion fruit drink I made at home called the Midnight Matinee and created by Amanda Elder also of Pouring Ribbons. The web seems to indicate that Pouring Ribbons usually serves the Sing for your Supper with the 86 Co.'s Aylesbury Duck Vodka as the base spirit, but I have to believe that it shines much greater with juniper-flavored vodka.
The drink began with a bright lemon aroma over that of passion fruit, and this foretold the sip that was laden with more lemon and passion fruit notes. On the swallow, juniper and Aperol transitioned into passion fruit flavors, and everything ended with a light spice on the finish.

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