Sunday, May 30, 2021

:: to save cocktails to-go in massachusetts ::

Cocktails for Commonwealth -- the group fighting to keep Massachusetts' restaurants ability to keep to-go cocktails past June 15th -- set up a Resist Bot. I texted the code, it asked me for the form info, and wrote two state officials for me (Gov. Baker and Sen. Jehlen). Total time: 2 minutes. Time left before it goes away: about two weeks. It asked me my name and address. I also provided my email address (optional) so the politicians could write me back. Simple.

Text SIGN PZLNXE to 50409 to get it done!
Go to @cocktailsforcommonwealth on Instagram for more information.

One of the delicious cocktails to-go I bought at Backbar.

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Added my 2 cents - thanks for posting!