Friday, October 5, 2007

:: aftermath ::

Husband escaped Brix easily with the Creme de Violette, Amer Picon, and a bottle of Peychaud's bitters. That could have been much uglier, but he said it was fairly busy when he dropped in so he stuck to the mission.

I decided to can the dress for Sunday. The neckline isn't thrilling me and one aspect of the construction is being more difficult than it ought to... so I'll just wear something else. It won't be period, but that's fine -- it'll be in the spirit. Plus I am so wearing my cloche, I don't care if my outfit ends up temporally schizophrenic. Frederic, are you guys going to be stopping by the Canadian Thanksgiving celebration before heading out to the riverboat?

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frederic said...

We're planning on going to Kanadian Tgiving. We haven't missed one yet and it'll give a good food base for later...