Tuesday, October 2, 2007

:: recent acquisitions ::

I seem to be acquiring alcohol at a faster rate than I'm actually trying it... Will have to work on that. Today I found St. Germain, Luxardo maraschino, and picked up a bottle of Plymouth gin to compare to the Bombay Sapphire (all found at Cambridge Wine and Spirits, neé Mall Discount Liquors). Later on I went to China Fair and found a Boston shaker (metal bit only) for $4... Tim has been wanting to pick one up, as he's all about the tools. Last week I found a hand-cranked ice crusher for him; me, I'm content to make do with basics! I did order a reproduction Absinthe spoon (for reference; I am considering making sterling versions with my own modern designs for sale), which is about as specific as I've gone in the bar-tool world.

Hrm, I've managed to stay up past the threshold to do some more work on my dress, and I'm almost thinking it's too late to enjoy a drink. Hmm, almost...!

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frederic said...

The Luxardo was a good edition as it's very useful in many old drinks. Now all you need is some Amer Picon to make yourself a Brooklyn!

(Note: Amer Picon hasn't been imported for 12 years, but Brix in the South End recently found a few cases in a warehouse and has 1L bottles for $20).

I think that the Brooklyn will be in my next set of 5 recipes (I should do that right now). I first had it at Eastern Standard over the summer. I think that it may be my favorite bastardization of the Manhattan.