Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Marty's Liquor in Newton has Plymouth gin on sale for $15/bottle.

They also have Creme de Violette on the shelf -- and all the other Haus Alpenz offerings in stock, too. A fabulous selection all around, actually. We were pleasantly impressed.

I was inspired to pick up a bottle of Austrian cream liqueur (the cream liqueur of my people!), and Husband just had to try the Austrian stone pine liqueur... I felt pretty on-the-pulse when I saw that Chuck Taggart had blogged about this same stuff right about the same time I was purchasing it! Husband invented a cocktail that used the pine and it added a really interesting, refreshing note -- I think it'll be great for summer. Once he comes up with a name for it, I'll post his recipe.


frederic said...

Andrea went the day you told me about the Marty's source. She made it out of there with two Creme de Violet (only one for us), a Batavia Arrack (unopened but we did have a Swedish Punch drink made with it at Deep Ellum), and some mint syrup.

I know that everyone is very big on Plymouth gin, but I just don't get the whole movement for smooth gins that approach vodka with their cleanliness. I think my next gin purchase will be regular Bombay (not saffire) again since it has a decent botanical flair. Some drinks do work better with Plymouth though.

Unknown said...

I haven't had enough experience with different gins to know for sure what I like (pretty sure I'm not into the Tanqueray that every mediocre bar seems to stock at least)...

Plymouth seems to be a good all-around gin from what I've gathered. And... it was on sale! :D

TimothyB said...

For me, Plymouth gin is great as a mixer, but then I'm not a serious gin drinker. I think the thrust has been towards mellower gins because the American palate has a hard time with complex gins.

For myself, I just like how smooth and mildly juniper-ery Plymouth tastes. I think it makes a great Old Tyme Recipe Martini. (sweet vermouth + orange bitters.)