Saturday, October 20, 2007

monahan cocktail

1 1/2oz whiskey (I used Michter's US1 Rye)
1/2oz sweet vermouth
1/2oz Amer Picon

Stir with ice, strain. Source: CocktailDB

Well, tonight didn't turn out as planned. Husband met a cool couple at the LUPEC function a couple of weeks back and made plans to meet them tonight at No 9 Park, along with another couple they know. When we got there, we found out that the other couple had gotten sick and the reservation had been canceled. Boo. And, it being Saturday at 8pm and all, there was no room for us anywhere at the joint. So we had a quick dinner elsewhere, I had a perfectly serviceable Negroni (which has fast become my drink of choice when unsure about the bar), and came home and made this up. Quite smooth and tasty.


TimothyB said...

I'd like to add, as a burgeoning Rye-head, that I thought it was actually the best night cap I've had yet. The vermouth changed the graininess of the rye to a smoother, round feel and the Amer Picon added a nice touch of fruitiness and sweetness that was not actually sweet tasting.

All in all, so far my choices are:

19th century style Old Fashioned for a starter cocktail. Easy to drink, and the melting ice halps curb any dehydration. Perks the appetite.

Monahan for a nightcap. Smooth and warm, a nice finishing drink for the evening.

It would have been perfect garnished with a real cherry. Next time, once the shipment comes in!

TimothyB said...

As an aside, the Old Fashioned I was served at Moooo was passable, but not great. A bit watery for my taste, and not enough bitters. They did the whole muddled orange thing as well, which while ok, is not my thing. Now, they may have made a great one had I specifically said I wanted an old time type drink, but I wanted to see what they served me with only "with Rye Whiskey" specified.