Thursday, October 18, 2007


2oz Plymouth gin
3/4oz Torani Amer (however, I believe Amer Picon was used)
1/2oz Maraschino
1/4oz Cointreau
1 dash orange bitters
flamed orange peel

Source: Chuck Taggart

We finally made it over to Eastern Standard -- and wow, I have a crush on Jackson. He's obviously a person who takes seriously one's craft, and considers the responsibility one carries with such things... Husband was really appreciative of the Old Fashioned he made for him and spent some time chatting with him. I was my typical antisocial self and did no such thing -- another time, however, I will. We were seated at a table, but when the server came back to see if we needed new drinks, she said that he had suggestions for each of us -- which we both took, and were quite pleased with. My second drink was a Red Hook with gin instead of whiskey, and I'll list that recipe in a separate post.

I had to order the Hoskins, because it was Frederic linking to Chuck Taggart's blog that got me on this cocktail thing. And my, that's one tasty cocktail.

And the Standard itself -- wow. I really, really want to spend more time there. The food, the service, it was all so so nice, and a great way to spend a few hours. Oh, to live in the city again. Sigh.


frederic said...

My one tip is wait for a seat at the bar -- even if only one of you is sitting and the other is standing. The bartenders' banter, drink geekery, and old school charm adds a lot to the experience. It also can add a few free drinks to the experience.

We've never been served by Jackson although he's come by to speak with us a few times. Tom and Kevin are our two favorites. If you ever get served by Tom, try his Jaguar that he invented (Chuck Taggard highly recommeded this drink on his blog). Andrea wouldn't let me make one for her for she wanted him to make it first.

TimothyB said...

Let me say that Jackson's drink ESP is profound. When I ordered my Old Fashioned with Sazerac, he instinctively knew that I wanted the 19th century version! It was the best old fashioned I've had, and was garnished with a real Luxardo cherry.

My chat with him was nice as well. He came out from behind the bar and he commented on how the 'real cocktail' movement has been building over something like 6 years. I thanked him for his artistry and he said not at all.. it was because of people like me that he could have the pleasure of actually making the Greats. He geeked a bit with me about spirits, and then back to the bar.

Fantastic guy, great bartender.