Monday, October 1, 2007


1oz gin
1oz sweet vermouth
1oz Campari
garnish with orange slice.

I neglected to buy oranges, so I added in the teeniest micro-dash of orange bitters to simulate the slice.

I am really liking this drink. I keep thinking back to that Tailspin I had last week, so decided to give this a shot since I've seen mention that the Tailspin was based off of this classic. I've also seen mention that Campari is considered to be somewhat scary stuff, but I have to say that (in this limited exposure) I've really been liking it as an ingredient. And the color is so, so lovely. So does this make me badass, my apparent taste for Camapri?? :)


Unknown said...

Ahh, yes... I came across the Negroni while trying to replicate the Copper Illusion from The Oak Room. I can't declare success in that endeavor, but I've sure enjoyed the attempts!

frederic said...

Most of the bitters, including Vermouths, are declared scary by American palates. Europeans savor this as before dinner drinks and as digestion aids afterwards. And once you start with some of the more mild bitter liqueurs, moving up to "scarier and scarier" ones isn't that big of a jump. Soon you'll be singing the praises of Fernet-Branca...