Monday, October 8, 2007

-> LUPEC Boston Tea Party

Wow, that was fun! We made our way to Lewis Wharf last night to mingle with the hipsters of the Boston cocktail scene and take tasty sips from our tea cups. Husband's the social one, so he flitted around meeting people while I hung out with our friends F&A (the unintentional instigators of this experiment of mine!). I really hope these events become a regular thing as I'm always interested in an excuse to dress up. I'm still working out the best logic for posting, so I am going to take each of the three drinks I sampled and make a post for each.


Kitty said...

Hey lady!

So glad you made it to our little shin-dig and had a great time! Hope to meet you in person at a future LUPEC event!

Kitty, a.k.a. Pink Lady

Unknown said...

Ah, I know who you are... I've been needing a haircut I saw your (lovely!) hair and was all "oh, a false bob, I wish I'd thought of that!". I'll be sure to say hi next time!